Jan. 03, 2019

HARRISBURG – To continue his efforts strengthening Pennsylvania’s second largest industry, Rep. David Millard (R-Berwick) has been appointed to another term as chairman of the House Tourism and Recreational Development Committee during the 2019-20 legislative session.

“The vibrancy of Pennsylvania’s tourism industry is second to none in the United States. With a rich mix of storied history, natural grandeur, metropolitan opportunity and small-town charm, Pennsylvania truly has much to offer both out-of-state visitors and residents who are enjoying short drives to great fun,” Millard said. “Working with my colleagues on the House Tourism and Recreational Development Committee is very fulfilling as we take action to ensure and grow the viability of this huge economic generator for the Commonwealth.”

Tourism is the second largest industry in Pennsylvania, with more than $40 billion spent annually by leisure and business travelers, and $4.1 billion in tax revenues generated annually. More than 503,000 jobs are supported by the state’s tourism industry.

The House Tourism and Recreational Development Committee considers issues including travel and tourism promotion; the Pennsylvania Historical and Museum Commission; scenic roadways; snowmobile and trail-related initiatives; amusement parks, fairs, carnivals and folk festivals; agritourism; hotel and lodging issues; recreational use of land and water; PA Wilds; and many others. The Committee works in partnership with industry and government to increase the state’s tourism economy and outdoor recreation opportunities.

Millard was elected to the House in early 2004 and is a lifelong resident of Columbia County. He has served on the House Tourism and Recreational Development Committee for several terms.

Millard is also a long-time director of the Bloomsburg Fair, the largest fair in the Commonwealth. To support the economic and agricultural benefit of fairs across Pennsylvania, he initiated the Fair Caucus in the Legislature and regularly holds meetings for legislators who are involved with fairs in their districts.

Representative David Millard
109th District
Pennsylvania House of Representatives

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