Feb. 06, 2017

BERWICK – Fourteen local fire departments and two emergency services companies will receive over $189,000 in grants through the Fire Company/Volunteer Ambulance Service Grant Program, said Rep. David Millard (R-Berwick).

“We are fortunate to have excellent fire and ambulance services in Columbia County,” said Millard. “These grant awards are well deserved and will provide critical assistance to ensure our local emergency response companies remain viable for years to come.”

The grant program was initiated in 2000 and is funded by gaming revenue. The program is open to all fire companies, volunteer ambulance services and volunteer rescue squads in Pennsylvania. Grant awards can be used for construction or repair of facilities, purchase or repair of equipment, debt reduction and training.

The following organizations in the 109th Legislative District received grants:

• Beaver Township Volunteer Fire Company: $11,844.04.
• Benton Volunteer Fire Company: $11,844.04
• Bloomsburg Fire Department: $14,674.56.
• Buckhorn Community Fire Company No. 1: $12,101.36.
• Eagle Hose Company No. 2: $12,101.36.
• Lightstreet Community Fire Company: $12,101.36.
• Lime Ridge Fire Company No. 1: $11,844.04.
• Main Township Volunteer Fire Company: $12,358.68.
• Mifflin Township Forest Rangers and Fire Company No. 1: $13,130.64.
• Millville Community Company: $11,844.04.
• Montour Township Fire Company: $11,844.04.
• North Mountain Volunteer Fire Company: $11,844.04.
• Orangeville Volunteer Fire Company: $12,873.32.
• Reliance Fire Company No. 1: $14,417.24.
• Benton Volunteer Fire Company-EMS: $7,448.21
• Millville Community Fire Company- EMS: $7,448.21.

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Representative David Millard
109th District
Pennsylvania House of Representatives

Media Contact: Morgan Dux
RepMillard.com / Facebook.com/RepMillard