Congratulations Local Eagle Scouts!
Congratulations to the local scouts who have earned the rank of Eagle Scout!  Here is a list of local Scouts who have held their Court of Honor in 2016.  
Noah Bella- member of Troop 50- for his project, he constructed two sets of benches and planted a tree near the fishing pond on the grounds of the Bloomsburg Christian church. He also served in several leadership positions within his troop.

Chris Neufer- member of Troop 20- for his project, he constructed a large carnival stand for the benefit of the Lightstreet Fire Company Carnival.
Matthew Adams- member of Troop 16 –for his project, he constructed park benches for the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints. He also served in the leadership position of Senior Patrol Leader. 

If you're a Columbia County resident who has earned the rank of Eagle Scout this year, and you are not on this list, please call my office so we can add you.