Tourism Committee Passes Bill Expanding Recreational Land Use, Says Millard
HARRISBURG – A bill introduced by Rep. Dan Moul (R-Adams) that would expand recreational land use in Pennsylvania passed the House Tourism and Recreational Development Committee on Tuesday morning, said Rep. David Millard (R-Berwick), chairman of the committee.

The bill, which passed the House overwhelmingly last session, amends the state’s recreational use of land liability law, expands its protections for landowners and awards legal fees to property owners found not liable for injuries to recreational users.

“This is the first bill to pass out of our committee this session and I believe it represents a great effort by the sponsor of the bill to increase recreational land use opportunities in our Commonwealth,” said Millard. “Outdoor recreational tourism generates millions for the Commonwealth each year and we should do all we can to encourage growth in this area.”

The bill passed the committee 15-9.

Representative David Millard
109th District
Pennsylvania House of Representatives

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