Millard Calls Federal Decision to Deny I-80 Tolling the ‘Right Move’

Rep. David Millard (R-Millville) today commended the Federal Highway Administration (FHWA) for its denial of an application by the Pennsylvania Turnpike Commission to toll Interstate 80. 

“This decision is a very bright ‘red light’ that can go a long way in putting this misguided legislation behind us,” Millard said. “As our local residents are well aware, tolling I-80 would have been a real blow to our communities and would have undoubtedly caused further damage in an already struggling economy. By denying this application, the FHWA has told the Turnpike Commission that it cannot impose tolls on an area of the state that will not directly benefit from them. In other words, PennDOT and the Turnpike Commission cannot depend on ill-advised public policy to extract dollars from rural communities like Columbia County to support mass transit systems in Philadelphia and Pittsburgh.” 

Millard also expressed hope that the Turnpike Commission appropriately discontinues any plans to reapply for the tolling program in the short- or long-term future. 

“From the very beginning when the governor announced his intentions to toll I-80, the slip-shod legislation rammed through the House and Senate by urban legislators left many unaddressed problems and unanswered questions,” Millard noted.  “Those hasty moves eventually caught up with them as federal officials noted the myriad problems with the plan.  Finally, the FHWA has made the right move in making a logical decision to deny the application.” 

Millard called the high level of opposition to the plan a key in the denial of the tolling application. “Countless taxpayers, businesses, local elected officials and others from all along the I-80 corridor weren’t shy in expressing their outrage at the potential of tolling that highway. Thankfully, those cries didn’t fall on deaf ears.  I appreciate that this was truly an opportunity to show that citizen involvement can still make a real difference in policy making.”

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