Millard Urges Controlled Spending as Top Budget Priority

State Rep. David Millard (R-Millville) issued the following statement in response to Gov. Ed Rendell’s proposal of a state budget spending just over $29 billion:


“I’m hearing the same message from my constituents over and over again: government spending needs to get under control.  I was glad to hear the governor refer to that concept a few times in his speech, but what followed in his budget proposal doesn’t seem to put it into practice.


“Specifically, the governor is proposing $1.2 billion in new spending at a time in which the economy is still lagging and the state is facing a $525 million shortfall this year.  In a year where Pennsylvania residents struggle with layoffs and other economic woes, it seems like it’s high time for less spending rather than more.


“I find it particularly worrisome that the governor’s spending plan is balanced by using existing state dollars, stimulus funds and the assumption that the state will receive about $800 million in new federal funds. And that’s what it is: an assumption. His proposed spending plan is not balanced without them.


“I contend that with the next winter storm brewing, the biggest snow job in the region happened this morning when the governor announced his proposal.  Over a billion dollars in new spending? Let’s deal with reality and pass a budget that gets state spending under control.”


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