Millard Votes Against Tax-Increase Budget Plan
State Rep. David R. Millard (R-Millville) tonight issued this statement on his vote against the House Democrats’ budget plan that includes $1 billion in varied tax increases:
“Today, Pennsylvania is 94 days late in producing a budget for the 2009-10 fiscal year. That is a travesty in and of itself.
“But House Democrats put forth a new budget plan that includes a billion dollars in new taxes.
“This plan simply puts too much of an additional burden on the taxpayers of Pennsylvania. With many Pennsylvania taxpayers already living paycheck to paycheck, any additional tax burden would push them beyond their capabilities.
“My opposition is not partisan based, it’s family budget based. It’s small business success based. It’s ‘Pennsylvania is in a recession’ based.
“Just a few of the new taxes included in this proposal includes a tax hike on cigarettes, cigars and smokeless tobacco; a severance tax on natural gas (which would be a strong punch to companies hoping to start doing business in communities on Pennsylvania’s huge Marcellus Shale formation) and a blow to businesses with a retroactive increase in the Capital Stock and Franchise Tax. Add to that an unrealistic revenue expectation from table games in casinos and a big cut to families benefitting from the Educational Income Tax Credit and it makes a potent mix of financial struggle for our Commonwealth’s future.
“Now is not the time to burden Pennsylvania families with a bigger bill to state government. 
“I’ve been in consistent support of House Bill 1943 as a no-tax increase compromise plan that funds essential government services. I still believe it’s the best solution and would be one that could viably receive support from both sides of the aisle and both legislative chambers. This House Democrat plan faces an uncertain future, at best, in the Senate.
“We need a budget now. But we need a budget that doesn’t break the backs of our citizens.”
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