Millard Praises Responsible Budget with No Tax Increases
HARRISBURG – Rep. David Millard (R-Berwick) today issued the following statement after he joined the majority of his colleagues in the House in passing a $30.18 billion state budget that increases funding for education while protecting Pennsylvania taxpayers:

“As we began this budgeting process, we were presented with two options: raise taxes and increase state government spending by 16 percent in one year, or pass a responsible budget that protects Pennsylvania taxpayers and gets government spending under control.

“I am proud to say that today I voted in favor of a budget that supports programs that help our most vulnerable citizens and makes historic investments in education, without any new or increased taxes. This spending plan is respectful to taxpayers, lives within our means and is sustainable for future generations.

“The budget includes $100 million in new state dollars for basic education, $20 million for special education, $30 million for early education, an increase of $41 million increase for higher education, and fully funds the Act 120 required school employee retirement contribution payments at $1.7 billion.

“The spending plan includes increases to home- and community-based services for seniors and services for persons with disabilities, and also restores several agriculture line-items eliminated by Gov. Tom Wolf.

“As state representative, I have an obligation to be a good steward of taxpayer dollars, and I believe this fiscally sound, on-time, balanced budget puts the Commonwealth on a path to prosperity.”

The House-approved budget now goes to the state Senate for approval before going to the governor’s desk.

Representative David Millard
109th District
Pennsylvania House of Representatives

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